Clearwater Escapes
Guestbook Selections


Some words from our guestbook

Sweet sixteen weekend

Thanks so much. We had a blast! Dancing and singing all
night long ... making hand puppets from our shadows.
Having cake and icecream while solving our murder mystery game.

Thank you for a great time.

Some people are swimming
against the stream.
but not us.
My tweed lined shirt.
The fliers of this God forsaken world
leave the smooth path,
but not us.
There is sweetness here.
There is mothering here.
Currents are tranquil.
You and I lie on our backs,
and look at the wet sky
We stretch our feet out
in the direction of the
lay of time and we neglect to swim.
We forget to watch the way
because the way is born in our latent bodies
Stop the struggle and laugh.

Time Travel. From Brazil to Maine.
A gift of color from a friend
I have not yet met.

We spent an incredible weekend enjoying
the beauty of the surroundings & your
home. The light streaming through the windows
rejuvenates the spirit & the clear water
calms the mind.

Thank You

It's a slice of heaven.


The lake is transformed from
its summer look. The gentle
waves are gone - frozen solid.
Fishing goes on however, holes
drilled, huts put up, guys
standing around those holes
all day long. Everything is so
white and bright, it hurts your
eyes in the morning! We went
sking in the lake, evern though
big trucks drive on it & planes
land on it, I still feel a
strange sensation when first
stepping on the lake! The only
thing I like about snowmobiles
are the great sking tracks they
make! Yipee, lots of fun, such
a beautiful place. It was so
nice to be able to visit here &
have a whole house to ourselves!

I love it!

A content, silly toddler,
two dogs in their element.

Rowboating, Swimming, Laughing,
Singing, Sleeping, Humming,
Tickling, Massaging,
EATING, Ice Cream!

Delightful .... Thanx So Much.


Awesome dream hunnymoon spot! NOTHING we didn't like.
a shame to tell others about it!

A magical walk to a wonderful spot into the woods
with all the amenities you could want!

WOULD honeymoon again!
Better than any stinking motel you could get.
Do you know any hotels that have an entire lake
right out side of your room?

Property was freshly cleaned, good restaurants within
a short drive, customer service was great from the
owner and if we won the lotto we would make the owner
an offer he couldn't refuse for the place.
BUT its so great he probably would.

GO there, or stay home!
June 27, 2016

We were just being .....

Thanx Very Much


2nd Week in September

No Place I'd
Rather Be.

thank you

Here we are in Maine
having a wonderful time
as the waters ripple the water
of the lake and life seems to be a piece of cake

Oh happy days ... wish we could stay

We had a wonderful time here -
sitting by the fired up stove,
reading in the porch,
gazing out the windows.

This is truly a beautiful place.


What a wonderful Winter Wonderland!

We all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.
Playing & Sliding & Singing & Sliding,
reading, swinging, toasting marshmallows,
building snow bears, & playing games.

We climbed an ice crusted mountain on
the property.

Oh we love coming to this sacred place.

Our time at Clearwater remains a highlight,
the highlight of our whirlwind trip, thanks again!

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